Building Sewing Pattern Skills by Doing Simple Projects for Beginners

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In this article, we would like to talk to all new sewing enthusiasts and beginners. Being a beginner in every hobby is tough.  If you have a new idea and if you learned a new skill, your imagination and taste will overshadow your actual skills. You know that there’s something wrong, but you can’t point out what that is, and you don’t know how to fix it. Not at this level of your skills. It is very frustrating, but look at the brighter side, you can make this little hiccup as your motivation to be better. This advice should be given to every beginner and new hobbyist. Every person who does sewing pattern dress work should get into it because they loved it or because they have good taste. But remember there’s always this gap in skills. For your first few months, you will make mediocre stuff. It looks terrible, but it has potential. It’s still a long way to perfection. But the reason why you started this hobby is still there. Your taste and your skills are why you get disappointed by the things that you did. The good news is, everything is falling into place. Everything is going to get more comfortable as the day goes by.

The ever-evolving world of sewing

Here’s how you pick your projects. You need to go to a store that sells fabrics. Your best option is those big fabric chains. Those stores in the mall that smells like Christmas almost every year. Usually, a few bored-looking middle-aged ladies are looking through the catalogs, and at least one frustrated looking soon to be bride along with their mothers and friends, horrified at the leg-o-mutton sleeves that were being presented to them. You have to sit down and start looking at the catalogs, hopefully finding what you are looking for. You need to imagine how the clothes will look like when finished, the colors, different fabric used, and how it will look like on you.

Finally, you need to settle for materials that you can work with. You need to ignore the skill level required to turn the pattern to life. You also need to pay attention to the recommended fabrics. As you know, this is not a recipe for excellence. Usually, beginners have to be lucky and make everything work, but you need to imagine sewing the materials to make sure that everything is in place.

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Independent revolution of sewing

In today’s world, sewing hobbyist, enthusiasts, and even beginners have so many options to choose from. Not only that, there are a lot of amazing independent sewing pattern companies to choose from, most of it has instructional guides for beginners or newbies. You can find independent companies in shopping malls or on the internet. Just like what we said, the sewing world has expanded, and people have so many options to choose from. But despite all the options, it is still necessary to know what you want to sew, especially if you are just a newbie or a beginner.

Pick your project and pick your skills

Here’s a simple tip for new enthusiasts and beginners on how to become a competent sewer without spending a lot of time practicing.

Learn at least one skill every project

Skills will deteriorate if you will not practice regularly. You need to build up your skills every project, and the best way to improve is to learn at least one new sewing skill every project. Think of it as a simple task. You need to do some research and planning so that you will have a new skill or you will get better each time you start a new project.

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Beginner’s sequence

To give you an idea of what we are talking about, here are some of the easiest patterns for beginners and the skills you need to learn.

Pillowcase – This one is easy because you don’t need a pattern to make a pillowcase. All you need to do is cut the fabric using the pillow as the guide and sew the two long sides and one short side with seam allowances. You can also use any fabric, and you can look at it almost every day.

Sorbeto Top – This has only two pattern pieces, so it is one of the best projects for beginners. This project will help you learn to use bias tape, one of the basic skills every sewer needs to learn. Closures or zippers are not required.

Laurel – Once you’ve learned how to use bias tape, you need it when you are making laurel, not only that, you can now learn how to install zippers properly.

Ginger – This is an A-line skirt, once again, you will not just be putting the zipper on this project, but also placing waistband.

Macron – You need to learn how to put pockets, facings and you need to learn how to do topstitching if you want to do this project.

If you perfected every technique mentioned above, you could now start doing projects with buttons, like Hawthorn or Zinnia, moving way up to more complicated projects like outerwear.