Help Others Get Healthy, And Learn to Train the Body and Mind

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Become a personal trainer

Get your personal trainer certification, learn from ACE’s training model and create personalized programs people can   follow. When you are officially certified, you have a high advantage at many healthcare facilities and your experience along with your NCAA accredited certification puts you on top of the list.

Rewarding career

When you become a personal trainer, you can enjoy flexibility and independence. Work when you want and feel good about   helping clients reach their goals. Also, learn from your mistakes and find out why you weren’t successful at helping    previous clients.

Hot job

Your skills will be on demand at many facilities not limited to gyms, but hospitals and wellness departments. Finding a job shouldn’t be a problem, ACE has contracts with many health and fitness companies. Count on unparalleled career growth in the upcoming years.


Give it a “I’m Ready” and sign up for a study program to become a personal trainer. Save money and get committed and ready to change people’s lives.

Study programs

Now that you’ve signed up, pick a study program to prepare for the exam, ACE’s three options: Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus have all you need to pass the exam and advance in your career. There’s 0% financing available, so you can get started today.

Get the personal trainer guide

Consider downloading the PERSONAL TRAINER CAREER GUIDE to learn how to make it in this competitive career and how to stay active once you are in.

ACE Academy Elite

You are part of the elite club, ACE supports you from day one and fully prepare you to be the best in the job. Use the video guided lesson plans to continue learning and continue growing in your career.

Download ACE Personal Trainer Manual eBook

Prepare to be the greatest. Access study materials from your smartphone or tablet. It’s like a real book, you can bookmark, highlight, take notes and study offline. Follow hyperlinks to helpful tools and learn new ways to coach and train your current clients.

Get Certified

ACE wants to see you grow and has professional resources to help you do so. In its monthly digital publication Certified, it provides insights from research on products, programs and trends. Take advantage of this tool and share it with your clients.

Guidance from sign up day

Be ready to help your clients reach their goals and get results with ACE’s program and guidance.


If something isn’t clear, ACE Resource Center is there for you to help you from day one.

Final phase:  you are a personal trainer

Now you’re finally working at a gym and specialize in muscle development. Keep active as a personal trainer and expand your expertise and learn new skills.

Get your personal trainer certification from ACE Fitness, prepare to make a huge impact in people’s lives and help them stay active and keep moving.